Introduction: An analysis of factors associated with fire incidents was conducted on data from the State Fire Service Reports on fire incidents, covering the period 2007–2012. Information about fire injuries and fatalities was classified by type of premises and areas accessible to the public: residential dwelling, production facilities, storage areas, means of transport, forests, agricultural and other. Results from the analysis facilitated the construction of annual indicators covering injuries and fatalities. Calculations were also produced to reveal annual and six yearly frequency of fire incidents, injuries and fatalities, broken down by specific category of premises. A general assessment of fire safety was conducted to reveal areas where the indicator values are at the highest level. Results show that in tandem with an increase in the frequency of fires during recent years, indicators dealing with deaths and injuries attributable to fires show a decline. It is observed that the frequency of fires in residential dwellings is ranked third, whereas the coefficients of injuries and fatalities are about a dozen times higher than for the remainder of premises.

Keywords: fire safety, civil safety, fire statistics, fire frequency distribution coefficient, fire injured, fire fatalities, fire safety level assessment