Publication in SFT is free of charge. The exclusion are the articles submitted to the Journal within an accelarated procedure. The payment covered by the author or an institution which finances his research equals 800 zlotys. The sum is paid after the initial assessment of the article and its qualification to the review procedure. The sum covers the costs related to publication process. The payment will not be refunded if the article is rejected after the review process.



The authors should enter in the Editorial System Interface, in the section “Author”, the full name of their institution, corresponding addresses (e-mail address) as well as short biographical notes (about 50 words) and ORCID. If an article has more than one author, it is necessary to indicate the percentage contribution of each individual to the creation of the article as well as the scope of authors’ contribution (see Co-authorship). Editors are obliged to preserve the confidentiality of personal information about authors and reviewers.


Co-authorship, as defined by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the publication ‘Reliability in research and respect for intellectual property rights’ should be understood in the following way:

A co-author is a person who has: written even a small fragment, made a creative contribution to the concept or format, participated in the design of a research project, from which a given piece of work represents the outcome. A co-author is not a person who performs administrative tasks related to a research project (e.g. head of a research establishment, a person raising research funding, a person engaged with data collection or someone performing statistical calculations). The right to co-authorship is not acquired by a consultant who shares his/her knowledge.

Accordingly, authors are obliged to identify, in percentage terms, co-author contributions and reveal the actual input of an individual co-author to original scientific papers, i.e. attribution (author of the concept, assumptions, methods). Such information should be included as the section “Authors” in Editorial System.

Author contribution statement and information on funding source

Authors are also requested to provide information about funding sources supporting the work described in an article. Responsibility for veracity of the above mentioned information rests with the person submitting the script for publication.


The author sends to the Publisher, via snail mail, a license agreement in which he or she grants CNBOP-PIB a non-exclusive license to use the article in defined fields of exploitation. On this basis the Editorial Office can publish the article in question as well as copy it in print and electronic version (including CNBOP-PIB website) and distribute it in other integrated scientific resources with the possibility for reading, downloading and copying. In the Agreement the author also confirms that the work has not been published previously and that the article does not infringe other persons’ copyright.

License agreement