Introduction: This article presents potential emergency scenarios during accidents involving Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). In this context it is appropriate to mention incidents such as: gas emissions without ignition, which disperse in the atmosphere, fire of a combustible cloud after delayed ignition, Flash Fire (FF), Vapour Cloud Explosion (VCE) within a confined space, unconfined VCE, Jet Fire (JF), Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion (BLEVE), Fireball (FB) and fragmentation. Furthermore, the article describes a number of industrial accidents in Poland and across the world, involving LPG. These are summarised in a table describing the cause, effect and phenomena observed during such incidents. The article discusses the theories of a BLEVE explosion, describing the mechanism which leads to an explosion and its physical outcome. The summary contains guidelines for the Rescue Operations Commander, when dealing with LPG incidents and provides recognition signs of an approaching BLEVE explosion.

Keywords: LPG, emergency scenarios, BLEVE explosion