Introduction: This article reviewed and introduced development trends of firefighting equipment. Individual goups of equipment were described from the viewpoint of application. Firefighting equipment is one of the most important components of the Fire Service technical arsenal. It is important that firefighters involved with firefighting and rescue operations are suitably equipped with such items as: suction fire hoses, delivery hoses for connection with fire hydrants and fire pumps, hose couplings, hose adapters, outlet couplings, blank couplings, triple head distributors, collecting breeches, suction strainers, water nozzles, foam nozzles, foam generators, hydrant standpipe water-foam monitors, water screen creation device, inline inductors. The water-foam equipment and associated technical issues presented in this article satisfy the needs and development trends in the Fire Service.

Keywords: delivery fire-hose, suctions fire rubber hose, suction strainers, hose couplings, collecting breeching 2×75/110, triple head distributors, water nozzle, foam making nozzle, foam generator, water-foam monitor, blank couplings, outlet coupling, hose adapter