Introduction: This paper discusses the development of BPL (unmanned mobile platforms) and potential for adaptation to the needs of the Fire Service. During fire and rescue operations a fire fighter works in extremely difficult conditions. He is exposed to dangers associated with explosions, a rapidly spreading fire, chemical accidents and acute heat conditions. Such situations present a danger to humans as well as to the natural environment. An important role is played by equipment with suitable mobility, which can reach an incident location quickly, provide assistance to casualties and secure their quick evacuation from the danger zone. Therefore, it is important to construct a support vehicle for rescue operations, which are conducted in extremely difficult conditions. The attached material presents development trends for military vehicles or vehicles adapted for military use. Such vehicles can be modified for the needs of the Fire Service, for use in fire and rescue operations, identification of dangerous environments for humans and grouped according to expected performance of tasks.

Keywords: technical equipment for fire service, firefighting robot, firefighting vehicle, unmanned mobile platform