Introduction: Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service (UK), the Forest Research Institute (Poland) and 11 other international partners have recently completed some substantial work on an innovative and highly successful 2 year project focused on wildfires and forest fires. The European Forest Fire Networks Project (EUFOFINET) was launched in October 2010 and came to a conclusion in December 2012. The principal aim of the project was to improve and enhance regional and local approaches to wildfire prevention and suppression through European cooperation, collaboration and exchange of good practice. This article provides a summary overview of some of the key activities delivered during the project and makes specific reference to a new common glossary of terminology which was produced. The article is punctuated with illustrative examples from the British and Polish partners of the project to provide some specific context to the project activities and deliverables.

Keywords: wildfires, forest fire, international working, glossary, suppression, prevention, training

Type of article: review article