Introduction: Among people of merit in the Polish Fire Service, undoubtedly, amongst others, are Colonel (Retired) Władysław Pilawski and Brigadier General (Retired) Felix Dela. Personal profiles of these exceptional individuals were revealed to readers previously in the pages of BiTP, under the section titled People Involved in Firefighting. Another prominent figure, whose attitude and extensive professional achievements decidedly merits attention is that of Colonel (Retired) Jan Kielin MEng – Editor for this section and a long time employee of Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection – National Research Institute. He is the co-founder of the fire protection system and an undisputed initiator of many organizational solutions in the field of education and training of personnel for the rescue system. Jan Kielin embodies the best characteristics of a firefighter – professionalism and personal qualities, and is a role model for today's and future generations of officers. In the current issue of BiTP, authors introduce readers to the personal profile of Jan Kielin – an officer of State Fire Service, its cofounder, innovator and an indefatigable visionary. The introduction of readers to this outstanding personality is not the only distinction for the authors. Of equal importance is the daily working relationship and learning opportunities gained from direct contact in jointly realised undertakings with Colonel (Retired) and master engineer of firefighting Jan Kielin.

Keywords: Jan Kielin, people involved in firefighting, fire protection, State Fire Service, National Firefighting and Rescue System