Introduction: The article presents and discusses the features of interaction and extinguishing process of flammable gas mixtures on the example of hexane-air mixture extinguished by aerosols. The authors considered the assumption that the nature of the fire-extinguishing aerosol is twofold – aerosol acts both as a thermal retarder and as a thermal chemical inhibitor. It was found that the average concentration of retarder gas aerosol mixture for hexane-air mixture is app. 50 g/m³. The authors observed significant increase of the efficiency of flammable gas-aerosol mixture after addition to the gas-aerosol mixture CO2 in concentration 3-9 %. Phlegmatizing efficiency of aerosol in this case was respectively 40 g/m³ and 15 g/m³. These results suggest that the thermal properties of the gas phase significantly affect the efficiency of phlegmatizing gas-aerosol spray.

Keywords: fire-extinguishing aerosols, retarders, fire-extinguishing aerosol spray, fire retardant, gas-aerosol spray

Type of article: original scientific article