Aim: The objective of the research is to develop a method based on the geometric modelling for the purpose of improving the effectiveness of fire protection project management in industrial production of fire protection technology systems.

Methodology: The theoretical inheritance mode of effective management in project-organizational structure of fire protection and specialized technical equipment production using geometric modelling.

Results: Mathematical and geometric models of project management describe graphically the process of optimal financial resources allocation in conditions of project-organizational production structure of fire protection and a special type of fire rescue equipment. Methodological basis of the project and program management subject area were enhanced through the introduction of project-oriented management using techniques of geometric modelling in industrial production of fire-rescue specialized equipment. The use of geometric modelling methods in the project-organizational management of specialized technical systems manufacturing and systems engineering provides optimization of whole production process and management automation.

Conclusions: Mathematical and geometrical models of resource management in fire protection and industrial production of specialized equipment were developed. The graphical visualization process of effective project management in the allocation of financial resources for the industrial production of special fire-rescue equipment was constructed; The use of geometric modeling methods in projectorganizational management of specialized systems production provides optimization process of whole production process and management automation.

Keywords: geometric modeling, projects, models, resources, fire protection and specialized equipment

Type of article: review article