Introduction: Brigadier general Feliks Dela is one of the main initiators of the transformations in the area of fire protection which took place in the country as the result of political changes in Poland at the end of the last century. The changes concerned organizational solutions in the rescue system, particularly establishment of the National Rescue System, and professional educational and training system of rescue system personnel. Feliks Dela undertook also efforts aimed at reforming organizational and legal solutions in the area of civil defence in the country. His service in firefighting, General Dela started in 1964 with the appointment to the Higher School for Fire Service Officers. After graduation he was directed to the Non-Commissioned Fire Service Officers Academy in Cracow. The following step in his career was the Municipal Fire Department in Bytom, where he performed the function of a Vice-Commandant and then Regional Commandant of Fire Services in Bytom. In 1984 he was appointed Commandant of Firefighting Academy in Cracow. On 26 February 1992 he was appointed by the Prime Minister Jan Olszewski the Chief Commandant of the State Fire Service. This means that he was the first functionary of the State Fire Service. From the date of 01.01.1997 when the Parliament passed the responsibilities related to the national civil protection from the Depatment of National Protection to the Department of Internal Affairs and Administration he got the post of the Chief of the National Civil Defence. He fulfilled this duty till the end of 1998. In 1999-2001 he prepared together with his team the conception for the modernization of OSP rescuers training system. In 2001 the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration admitted him a position of the Director of the General Safety Department in MSWiA. He fulfilled this duty till 2002. In 2002 he was appointed the Director of the Central Museum of Firefighting in Mysłowice and at the same time the Chief of Conceptual Team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration which aimed to design drafts of acts on: Integrated Rescue System and Civil Security. Simultaneously, he served as an advisory of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration for the state security issues.